coaching outcomes

One of the best ways to demonstrate the effectiveness of coaching is to showcase actual coaching outcomes. I've selected six coaching scenarios, each focussed on a common leadership challenge. Click the "Read more..." link in each section for a summary of how my clients worked their way to becoming more effective leaders.

The Big Question


How is your organization measuring your performance as a leader? If you can't answer this question, how will you know what success looks like? Read more...



For new leaders, inconsistent behaviour is one of the most common complaints from direct reports. How do you build consistency when everything is new? Read more...

Know Yourself


You think you know yourself, but are others experiencing you the way you imagine? How critical is deep self awareness to success? Read more...

What Matters Most


Do you know what matters most to your colleagues? Do you know what matters most to people you want to influence? How important is this to your success as a leader? Read more...

On versus In


One of the biggest challenges for new leaders is moving from a tactical to a strategic approach to business. What does this mean? Why is this so important to your manager? Read more...



The ability to influence is considered one of the essentials of effective leadership. Why is this such an important skill? What's the difference between influence and manipulation? Read more...

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