“Without question, the most valuable coaching and leadership learning experience I’ve ever had. Years of reading books and whitepapers, participating in U of T’s Leadership Essentials program and working experience are contributors however, 1:1 coaching provides the opportunity to delve deep and understand my own behavior. I have a new level of leadership maturity and a “toolbox” well equipped to be successful. I have and continue to recommend Jodi’s program to my colleagues.” ~ TK

  "Jodi is a steadfast support, going above and beyond to respond to your very specific needs. Nothing whitewashed about her approach. It is all personalized, extremely professional, multi-layered and timely. A true coaching gem - I am so thankful that I found her. Working with Jodi has benefited my career-growth immensely.” ~ NH

“The 1:1 coaching program that Jodi offers runs circles around any other leadership coaching. You are encouraged to dive deep into your behaviours and recognize how it can inspire and motivate others. Through a comprehensive assessment, your strengths are identified and you learn the tools to leverage those strengths. I am so grateful to have this opportunity and my team and the organization will reap the benefits.” ~ CR

  “I value tremendously the perspective that you bring to the overall ‘think’ that must happen during a big life/job transition. You gave me some great tips and ideas and I’ll enthusiastically work through those sound strategies over the next few months.” ~ AL

   “It’s so very powerful for me to have you understand what it is I love to do and where my skills lie and to be able to articulate that so beautifully.” ~ SH

  “I feel that meeting with you, and having you help me put my career back on what promises to be a successful path are the best things that happened in my professional life this year.” ~ SY